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Dragon Well Tea 용을 잘 차 龙井茶

West Lake





Tea: 차

Dragon: 용을

Well: 잘


(Simplified Chinese)

Tea: 茶

Dragon: 龙

Well: 井


Courtesy of Wikipedia:

Xi Hu (西湖) Longjing
This is an example of the very standard convention of naming; the Xi Hu (West Lake) is a place where this particular Longjing is grown. This Longjing, also known as West Lake Longjing, is a China Famous Tea—in fact the most famous one—and is grown in the Zhejiang Province near Xi Hu lake. It is grown in a designated area of 168 square kilometers. Historically, Xi Hu longjing tea was divided into four sub-regions: Lion (Shi), Dragon (Long), Cloud (Yun) and Tiger (Hu). As the distinction between the sub-regions blurred over the years, this categorisation has now been adjusted to Shi Feng Longjing, Mei Jia Wu Longjing, with the remaining known collectively as Xi Hu longjing, although the Lion variety is still considered the “crème de la crème” by connoisseurs.




Interested in brewing dragon well tea?

Let’s get started with this site with step-by-step illustration.


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Flower Brooch? 꽃 브로치? 花胸针?

Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park

杭州 西溪国家湿地公园




Flower: 꽃

Brooch: 브로치


(Simplified Chinese)

Flower: 花

Brooch: 胸针


Courtesy of :

Xixi is the only wetland in the country which incorporates urban wetland, rural wetland and cultural wetland. It is also the first national wetland park in China.

Xixi was created during the Han and Jin Dynasty, developed during the Tang and Song Dynasty, flourished during the Ming and Qing Dynasty, declined during the Republican Period and revived in Modern Times.

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