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National Day Parade 2011 国庆庆典2011 건국 기념일 퍼레이드 2011

on August 10, 2011

A glimpse of Singapore’s National Day Parade 2011 in pictures and captions.


This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) logo depicts the passion and dynamism of the NDP 2011 theme “Majulah! The Singapore Spirit”, which calls on all Singaporeans to move forward together to overcome challenges and build a better Singapore.

The five figures symbolise brightly burning flames whose soaring motion reflects Singaporeans’ constant drive for higher levels of success as a nation. The two central figures form the shape of a heart which represents our love for Singapore and the compassion in our society as we celebrate 46 years of independence.  The five stars stand for our nation’s ideals of democracy, justice, equality, peace and progress.

The shades of red reflect Singaporeans from all walks of life.  The overall vivid red colour signifies our unity, determination and can-do spirit that bond us in times of success and adversity.

Courtesy of NDP 2011 Official Site.


First up, the pre-parade segment.

Close-up of  NDP Red Lion (Parachuter)

Courtesy of


Act 1: Dynamic Defence Display

Chinook flying across Marina Bay

Courtesy of


Chinook hovering above water in front of Merlion

Courtesy of


Act 1: Parade & Ceremony

21 Gun Salute from Floating Platform

The canon balls were actually being fired from canons placed on platforms floating on water.

Courtesy of


Act 2: Birth


Act 3: Growing Up

The Dugong, a specie native to the Southeast Asia region, was featured in Act 3.

Courtesy of


Unfortunately, the official NDP site did not upload videos on Acts 4 & 5.

It’s okay though since the pyrotechnic and firework displays stole the show for the last 2 acts.

Firework display from the Marina Bay Boulevard Waterfront

Courtesy of


Firework Display from Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Courtesy of


Firework Display from Fullerton Hotel

Courtesy of


Close-up of Firework Display

Courtesy of



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