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Polynesian Designs 폴리네 시안 디자인 波利尼西亚设计 (Part II)

on July 4, 2011

All Rights Reserved for Arkiva Tropika.


dinner menu from Alcoa Cruise Line – Caribbean Cruise

1950’s dinner menu, en route to Willemstad, Curacao


Planter’s Punch table card from Hotel Winfield Scott – Elizabeth, NJ

1940’s cocktail table card


guide book from All About Hawaii

1961 guidebook for Hawaii

1961 travel guide book, front cover


Tahiti & South Pacific brochure from South Pacific Airlines

1960’s travel brochure, front cover


And lastly, the most unthinkable one of them all.

I doubt the National Heritage Board has a copy under conservation.

Maybe we, the citizens, should try collecting and exhibit them during the next Biennale.

Why not, since there was an exhibit on the decades long collection of local newspapers during the 2011 Open House Biennale this year.

dinner menu from Singapore – location unknown

1960’s dinner menu

Anyone has any inkling of where the location of the restaurant might be? Which restaurant in the 1960s has this menu in Singapore?

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