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Marina Bay Sands’ Art-Science Museum – Permanent Galleries

on June 18, 2011

The permanent exhibition, the ArtScience Gallery, consists of three galleries – Curiosity, Inspiration, Expression. Visitors go through these galleries to explore the connections between the arts and the sciences, and undergo their own journey of creativity.

– Courtesy of Wikipedia


At the Inspiration gallery, visitors were given the opportunity to create their own piece of artwork inspired by the great innovators such as Leonardo da Vinci with his flying machine and Zhuge Liang with his Kong Ming/sky lantern. Well, there were little objects to play with, mostly related to the exhibits. There were the sky lanterns and the architectural motif of the art-science museum from the permanent galleries. I had more fun with the objects from the featured galleries such as Salvador Dali’s melting clocks and the significant objects from the art works of Vincent van Gogh. Play around with the transparency, zoom, rotate and colour functions to make your creation more professional, just like how you work with Photoshop. If you use the objects as they are, your art piece will most likely appear incoherent and raw.

I experimented with the booth and created a couple of art pieces.

Let me know what you think of them.

Singapore’s Central Business District with Sky Lanterns


Art-Science Museum Motifs in the Desert


Salvador Dali’s Melted Clocks against Marina Bay Sands


van Gogh’s Moon against the Night Sky Backdrop with Art Science Museum


Juxtaposition of van Gogh’s, Dali’s Art Pieces with Art Science Museum



One response to “Marina Bay Sands’ Art-Science Museum – Permanent Galleries

  1. bookjunkie says:

    awesome creations :)

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