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Art Garden (Exhibition for Kids!) 艺术园 아트 가든

on June 7, 2011

Singapore Art Museum


Gosh! An inflatable helium balloon on the grounds of the Singapore Art Museum? That’s Walter by Dawn Ng which was featured at 8Q a year ago. Walter, I believe, is going to be the iconic symbol of Art Garden, an annual interactive contemporary art exhibition for children from June – August.

Courtesy of Singapore Art Museum


In this post, I shall feature each of the art pieces mentioned in the above abstract advertising the Art Garden.

With a twist – It’ll be somewhat like a walk-through of the art pieces in real-life  in line with the galleries in the museum.

Just like a real visit to the museum (:

Let’s enter!


Straight up Front of the entrance….

Dancing Solar Flowers by Alexandre Dang (in the background)


I love the individual pieces of clover leaves however the piece on the whole fails to impress. It lifts your spirits no doubt, but not awe-inspiring. It looks great with the elephant (another art piece by  a different artist) in the foreground though. A juxtaposition of the presence of colours and the absence of colours.


To the Right of the entrance…

Mummy Dearest by Justin Lee


Basically the exhibit space is full of shaped-fabric with velcro. Imagine those cardboard paper dress-up dolls that you play with during your childhood days. You have a doll in birthday suit and a variety of clothing to choose from. Then you clip one of the pieces of clothing to the doll and the doll is all dressed-up. That’s what the little boy is doing in the right-hand corner of the photo. He took a life-size suit to ‘velcro’ on the boy doll in birthday suit.

Quite a packed gallery. Guess the kids enjoy playing dress-up in life-size.


To the Left of the entrance…

Paramodelic Graffiti by Paramodel

What are all these boxes and crates of Tomy railway tracks for? Is it part of the exhibit?

The boxes and crates aren’t part of the exhibit but the Tomy railway tracks are.


This art piece is still in the progress of construction. However, there’s already an extensive network of train routes filling the spaces of the gallery as of now. Oh I do hope that there will be model trains running on the tracks. Not sure if they’re able to defy gravity by running vertically on the tracks though.


Further Left of the entrance…

There are 2 exhibits in this gallery.


Tree of Love by Benjamin Phua


There are several wooden structures which serve as shelves for the clay figurines. They are the ‘trees’ of the exhibit. The clay figurines are rather ‘raw’, meaning unpolished and amateur, just like what a kid creates. My favourite part of the exhibit? The tree canopies with its angular edges.




Fruits by Wil Pimkanchanapong


An interesting interactive art piece. If I were a kid, this art piece will be the highlight of my trip to the Art Garden. Basically the art piece is created by the kids themselves. Look at all the trays of fruits at the background. Yes, the kids are tasked to make the individual fruits with cardboard paper. Pay a dollar to the staff (in royal blue tee) and they’ll hand you a cardboard paper with your selected fruit (there are a couple of fruits with varying difficulty to choose from, namely: starfruit, mangosteen, apple, banana, pear & orange). Complete the paper fruit with the instructions on the cardboard paper. Some glue and cut steps are required. Hand your completed paper fruit to the staff and they’ll hand you the real fruit to munch on. For instance, if you complete a paper starfruit, you’ll get a fresh starfruit. I’m going to have so much fun with this as a kid.


Check out the opening hours and activities at the Singapore Art Museum site!


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