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Japanese Sweets – Wagashi 和菓子

on April 15, 2011

“Kawaii” Japanese Sweets

Courtesy of Mina Magazine



Courtesy of InfoMapJapan:

The origins of ‘wagashi‘ date back in time to when cakes and dumplings were made of rice, millet, other grains, nuts and fruit – all of which were the foundation of Japan’s dietary staples.

Namagashi‘, in its delicate forms, reflects the diversity of Japan’s four seasons. Stores display these particular ‘wagashi‘ a full month ahead of the seasonal event. For example, ‘Sakuramochi‘ celebrate Japan’s beloved April cherry blossoms and are available at the end of February. With eager anticipation, one can enjoy delicious ‘Sakura-mochi‘ and sense the coming of spring, all the while imagining lovely cherry trees full of delicate white blossoms. Only in Japanese culture can one discover sweets and confections that are wonderfully transcended into messengers of the upcoming seasons.

While some ‘wagashi‘ are made to enjoy the changing seasons, many are closely associated with calendar events relating to Japanese tradition, history and seasonal holidays.

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