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Venues for Singapore Biennale (新加坡双年展)

on April 6, 2011

National Museum of Singapore


The subject of this photo was actually the Singapore 2011 Biennale banner.

Passed by the National Museum a couple of days ago and the banner was already removed.

( Are they going to put up the banner again? There’s still a month before the Biennale ends!)


Checked out the Singapore Biennale exhibits at the various venues; namely Old Kallang Airport, Singapore Art Museum, National Museum and Marina Bay (Merlion Hotel) .

Thought that the most intriguing art works were found in 8Q (part of the Singapore Art Museum) and of course, Old Kallang Airport, which has the largest exhibition space.


SAM at 8Q is located just across the street from Singapore Art Museum, along Queens Street. Basically it’s the direction towards Albert Court Food Center/ Bugis Village. A nice rustic atmosphere from a restored school building. And not to mention, there are lots of affordable good food down the street too! Bencoolen Food Center…Albert Court Food Center…are just 5-10 min walk away.

Spent some time in 8Q watching the videos featuring intensive interviews on the life of twins & a set of triplets. There’s a set of Canadian-Korean twins in their early 20s who gave an insight into their struggles with their ethnicity, the impact of Christianity in their lives and open disclosure of  their conflicting identities as twins as well as individuals. Go check out Factum (2010) by Candice Breitz.


Though Old Kallang Airport provides a huge exhibition space for the Singapore Biennale, it wasn’t comfortable to view the art works; 1) in the heat without air-conditioning, 2) dusty and stuffy environment, 3) lots of corners leading to stairways/washrooms which are in close proximity to the art works, as compared to the rest of the venues.

It’ll take half a day to view most/all the art works featured in Old Kallang Airport, thus it’s inevitable that you might need to grab a bite during the day. Unfortunately, you’ll need to take a 10min walk out to Kallang MRT station to take away some snacks from Old Chang Kee or drinks from Mr Bean.

Otherwise, the only choice that you have is to patronize Toast Box (I guess temporary franchised for the Singapore Biennale) for some toast to satisfy hunger pangs just for the moment and a caffeine perk-me-up.


However stuffy and dusty the interior might be, however dilapidated-looking the structure might be (looks like a converted warehouse), I have to admit that much effort was made to decorate the interior of Toast Box with items from the 1950s era when the airport was still operational. (Kallang Airport ceased its operations in 1955.)


Here’s a close-up of the framed photos of Old Kallang Airport.



For those interested in ‘Rediscovering the history of Old Kallang Airport’, a short 7 min clip.




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