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Tom Yum (Hot & Sour Soup) ต้มยำ 뜨겁고 신 수프 酸辣汤

on April 6, 2011

Shaw House


One of the best Tom Yum Soup that I’ve ever eaten in Singapore.

Soup was thick, laden with fresh seafood. A generous serving of coconut milk brought much fragrance to the soup. Just the right balance of fragrance, spiciness and a tinge of acidity. Although personally I thought that more freshly sliced chili padi could be added.

Unlike those thin broth Tom Yum paste soup found in most of the Chinese Fish Soup/Ban Mian stalls at Kopitiams & Hawker Centers.




Hot: 뜨겁

And: 고

Sour: 신

Soup: 수프



Sour: 酸

Hot (Spicy): 辣

Soup: 汤



Learn how to make traditional Tom Yum Soup from Planet Food Thailand.


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